Digital Signature – Class 3, (3 years validity)

Get Class III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) along with e-token without any hassles for validating online transactions.
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Class III Digital Signature is high level encryption used for tenders, etc.

  1. Digital Signature Certificate
  2. Request for Class III DSC having 3 years validity
  3. Purchase of DSC USB E-token

"Obtaining a Digital Signature is mandatory in the following cases:

  1. E-filing income tax returns in case of every registered trust, partnership firm, companies, any other entity or individual who is required to get tax audit under the Income Tax Act.
  2. Company filings with MCA21( Ministry of Corporate Affairs)
  3. Filing of tenders and e-procurement on government website through Class III DSC. MCA has mandated digital signatures for the following individuals:
    1. Directors
    2. Auditors
    3. Company Secretaries - Whether in practice or in job
    4. Bank Officials - for Registration and Satisfaction of Charges
    5. Other Authorized Signatories"
  1. Purchase of plan
  2. Provide documents
  3. Our expert will fill up the form
  4. Certificate is issued and USB token is dispatched

Documents To Be Submitted

  1. PAN card
  2. Address proof (any one, not older than 1 month)
    1. Electricity Bill
    2. Bank account statement
    3. landline bill
  3. Passport size photo

1. What are the different types of Digital Signatures and their uses?

There are three types of DSCs

  1. Class I type is used only for securing email communication
  2. Class II type is used for Company or LLP Incorporation, IT Return E-Filing, obtaining DIN or DPIN and filing other forms with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Income Tax Department
  3. Class III type is used mainly for E-Tendering and for participating in E-Auctions

For most business compliance, Class II digital signature suffices.

2. I purchased my DSC in 2016. What will be the validity of the digital signature?

Digital Signatures usually come with a validity of one, two or three years. The validity of the DSC can be renewed once the term of the previous DSC expires. Under the present plan you get DSC with validity of 3 years.

3. My DSC expired last year. Will my DSC be renewed under the same plan?

Renewal of DSC is not part of the plan. For that, you will need to buy the DSC plan at the applicable rates. It is mandatory to inform the govt. authorities about the expiry of the old DSC and issue of a new one.