Shop and Establishment Act Registration (Shop License)

Have a business place or office? Get Shop license with KNA.
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When an entity employs people who may be casual workers, full time employees, contract based etc, to regulate the work conditions and ensure the workers’ rights are protected, it is mandatory to get registered under the Shops and Establishments Act, informally called Shop Licence. KNA expert will help you carry out all the formalities with ease.

  1. Drafting documents
  2. Filing of forms with Authorities
  3. Documented Follow-up
  4. Issue of Registration certificate
  5. Expert support during business hours


  1. Individuals running a shop or having an office or place where they are carrying out business activity
  2. All entities having an office (and/or branch) where any commercial activity is being carried out



  1. Purchase of plan
  2. Provide documents
  3. We'll Draft documents
  4. Submission of documents and application with Department
  5. Receipt of Shop Licence

Documents To Be Submitted

  1. Passport size photo of the applicant
  2. Photo of the shop along with the owner
  3. List of management employees and directors, if applicable
  4. Details of employees, their wage rates and the company
    1. Share
      1. Duration the employee working in the co.
      2. Their position and
      3. Wages
    2. Number of working days in the company in a year
      1. Copy of rent agreement &
      2. NOC from owner
  5. Address proof of establishment
  6. Affidavit to be shared with the applicant

1. What is the objective of the Shops & Establishments Act?

Every Indian state has enacted certain rules and regulations with regard to conditions of work. The objective is to secure uniform benefits for employees working in different establishments, from shops, commercial establishments and residential hotels to restaurants, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainment.

2. When is a Shops and Establishments Act license required?

Every shop and establishment needs to register itself compulsorily under this Act within 30 days of commencement of work. As this is such a basic license, many other licenses require this as proof of a commercial business. For example, most banks will require you to furnish it if you want to open a current account.

3. What are the records to be maintained under the Shops and Establishment Act?

Under the Shop and Establishment Act, every business has to seek approval from the Department of Labour and keep up-to-date registers regarding details of employment, fines, deductions and advances, salary and holidays. The requirements may vary from state to state. Files related to annual holidays and number of employees need to be submitted to the office of the Municipal Corporation annually.

4. Our’s will be a registered private limited company having a registered office in Karnataka. Do we also need to get Shop Licence?

The shop & establishment act is applicable to every office and shop where commercial activities are carried on even on employing one employee. Your Office /Corporate office will be covered under the Shop & Establishment Act. and the provision of leave and other rules shall be applicable, even when your company is registered under the Companies Act.

5. Which are the specific cities where the service will be delivered?

The service is state specific in case you need a shop license and will be rendered only in specific cities being Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Surat, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune, and Delhi.

6. What are the government fees applicable for registration under Shop and Establishment Act?

These are the government fees applicable for registration under Shop and Establishment Act. These depend on the state and the number of employees.

Andhra Pradesh
  1. 0 Employees: Rs. 30;
  2. 1 to 5 employees: Rs. 100;
  3. 6 to 10 employees: Rs. 200;
  4. 11 to 20 employees: Rs. 1000
  1. 0 Employees: Rs. 5;
  2. 1 to 10 employees: Rs. 15;
  3. 10 to 25employees: Rs. 30;
  4. 25 and above employees: Rs. 50
Madhya Pradesh
  1. 0 Employees: Rs.100
  2. 1 to 3 employees: Rs.150;
  3. 3 to 10 employees: Rs. 200;
  4. More than 10 employees: Rs. 250
  1. 0 employees: Rs. 100;
  2. 1 to 5 employees: Rs. 300;
  3. 6 to 10 employees: Rs. 600;
  4. 11 to 20 employees: Rs. 1000;
  5. 21 to 50 employees : Rs. 2000;
  6. 51 to 100 employees : Rs.3500;
  7. 101 or more: Rs. 4500